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Welcome to SCMA!


Message from our founder celebrating our FIRST anniversary! (2022)

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Our Mission

Sickle Cell Medical Advocacy Inc. navigates transformative healthcare for sickle cell patients following national guidelines for urgent medical intervention, promoting faster healing and shorter hospitalizations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to optimize medical management, decreasing the incidence of end-organ damage
and increasing the quality of life and lifespan in sickle cell patients.

Our objective is to dismantle the barriers that obstruct effective ER and hospital treatments for those with sickle cell disease through a comprehensive virtual health and mental health center. We offer services such as healthcare navigation, mental health support, community outreach, and educational initiatives for sickle cell patients. Our commitment is to empower sickle cell patients with improved healthcare access and enhance their treatment outcomes in emergency and hospital settings.

Our Objective

How can we help?

Sickle Cell Medical Advocacy Inc. supports a resilient community facing healthcare barriers. At SCMA, our certified Sickle Cell Healthcare Navigators, are here to virtually stand by sickle cell patients during hospital visits for acute pain crises. We remain in touch with the patients throughout their hospital stay, providing the latest national guidelines and other evidence-based resources for managing acute pain crises.

What's more?

We ensure all healthcare providers involved in the patient's care are well-equipped with the right information at every step of the journey.

Supported by many partnerships!

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