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Mission Statement

Sickle Cell Medical Advocacy’s (SCMA) mission is to advocate for transformative and quality healthcare for Sickle Cell Patients.


Vision statement

At SCMA we envision a world where every patient and provider understand the importance of culturally competent care for people with Sickle Cell, where all patients diagnosed with sickle cell disease survive their illness and age with dignity.


Sickle Cell Medical Advocacy Inc. serves a resilient community that is facing significant barriers to healthcare. We know this because a staggering percentage of healthcare providers in Primary care, Hematology, Emergency Room medicine and Hospitalist care, admit to sub-standard or negligent care of patients with Sickle Cell disease. We've heard from our community that patients are even turned away in vaso-occlusive crisis and uncontrolled pain because providers are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with managing pain in an acute crisis.

At Sickle Cell Medical Advocacy (SCMA), a certified medical advocate trained using Medical Advocacy Training Program©, virtually accompanies a patient with Sickle Cell disease into the hospital/ER during an acute pain crisis and stays in contact with the patient during hospitalization until discharge. The advocate provides updated national guidelines and other resources for Sickle Cell crisis management to all the patient’s healthcare providers at every point of care.
Our vision is to help Sickle Cell disease patients optimize their ER visits and hospital stays to decrease:
A) length of sickle cell episodes 
B) number of days hospitalized 
C) incidence of end-organ damage.
This increases quality of life and lifespan.
1) If you are interested in the Medical Advocacy Training course to become an advocate, please fill out the form letting us know this and we will alert you with the date of our next class.
2) If you are a patient wanting an advocate, please fill out the form below and we will connect with you and pair you with an advocate
3) If you would like to partner or collaborate with us, please connect with us at, or leave a message on the form below.

Simone Uwan MD 
Co-founder and Director,
Sickle Cell Medical Advocacy, Inc.

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