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SCMA is proud to announce the recent graduation of its inaugural class from the Medical Advocacy Training program. We welcome our new class of Certified Medical Advocates! We look forward to their contribution to the Sickle Cell community as they stand up for patients in the emergency room and in the hospital when those patients need it most.
Our Inaugural class:


A recording of the graduation is available at a suggested donation price of $25. Please contact

It was an honor for SCMA to collaborate with the Sickle Cell Community Consortium on their 9th Annual Warriors Convention to speak on several topics. Much gratitude to those behind the scenes who worked to make these two the highly attended sessions!

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July 21-22 2022
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June 10 2022

SCMA thanks Dr. Lanetta Bronté-Hall, MD, MPH, MSPH , the founder & CEO of Foundation for Sickle Cell Disease Research (FSCDR) for the invitation to speak at their 16th annual symposium as a guest speaker on the patient panel. The conversation centered around clinical trials and why it is important for patients with Sickle Cell disease to participate in these trials. We need more Sickle Cell disease specific medications being researched for our community. It was indeed a great Symposium! 

SCMA’s physician Dr. Simone collaborated with  Sickle Cell Foundation of Minnesota, by doing a PowerPoint presentation to our Sickle Cell Community. She showed how the type of IV fluids they are given when in a crisis makes a difference, and explained what the correct IV fluids  in a Sickle Cell crisis would be.

June 28 2022
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Celebrating world SickleCell day!

Our world SickleCell day event was

celebrated by inviting our national

and international organizations to

join the event.  We welcomed

organizations from Ghana and

various parts of the Caribbean. We started by introducing the community to SCMA’s new doctor, Dr. Joanna Pascal who is also a caregiver to a toddler with Sickle Cell disease. Dr. Pascal is originally from Grenada. Our featured event was a presentation by Dr. Simone on how to self- advocate in the emergency room for urgent care when in a pain crisis.

June 19 2022
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Tamika Moseley, public speaker and author of “Sickle Cell Natural Healing: A Mother's Journey” joins forces with Sickle Cell Medical Advocacy Inc. to bring Holistic Pain Management options for Sickle Cell disease March 20th 2022 at 4pm EST. This is one of the upcoming Patient Education for Prevention (PEP) programs being brought to you this spring by SCMA.

March 20 2022

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To Caregivers & Sickle Cell Disease Patients...

Free nutritional counseling, mental health counseling & holistic pain management counseling services available...!

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