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Welcome to Sickle Cell 360, where care and compassion meet innovation!


Aniekan and Dr. Simone Uwan

Our journey began in November 2023 when we, Aniekan and Dr. Simone Uwan, founded this patient and caregiver-centered business with a deep love and understanding for the Sickle Cell disease community. This venture follows the establishment of our nonprofit organization, Sickle Cell Medical Advocacy Inc., born out of a desire to address the inadequate healthcare faced by those with Sickle Cell disease.

Aniekan Uwan is the Sickle Cell caregiver and can speak to this role he has had to assume for many years to his wife Simone Uwan MD.

Dr. Uwan attended the prestigious Barnard College at Columbia University and later completed her medical degree at. Stanford University School of Medicine.

Sickle Cell 360 specializes in a variety of services tailored to the needs of the Sickle Cell disease community, including:

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About our Nonprofit

At our nonprofit, Sickle Cell Medical Advocacy Inc., we navigate transformative healthcare for sickle cell patients in accordance with national guidelines resulting in urgent medical intervention and shorter hospitalizations. We empower motivated individuals within our community to train and serve as Sickle Cell disease Healthcare Navigators. These dedicated individuals offer invaluable support to patients in healthcare settings, ensuring their voices are heard and their care aligns with national guidelines. We also provide resources to patients seeking to enhance their self-advocacy skills and deepen their understanding of the condition.

Our mission is a calling that fills us with hope, and we are excited to expand our private services to not only sustain our team but to also generate funding to support our nonprofit's vital work.

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