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Written Testimonials

  • "I am very thankful for Dr. Uwan and all involved in developing this course. She educated us on things specific to sickle cell and the basic health care expected from individuals in the field. She was very flexible, open, patient, funny, considerate and honest."

  • "As a nurse it was not enough to know the definition of sickle cell disease to understand the disorder. This course has increased my awareness of the need for advocacy of such sickle cell warriors." 

  • "I'm so grateful and thankful for this life-changing experience learning how to not only advocate for myself, but for so many other SC patients."


  • "Before taking this course my knowledge of sickle cell was only surface level. But after 9 weeks and reading Dr. Simone's book, I feel like I have a better insidhgt into the disease and those who suffer from it."

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